Switzerland Impressions and Wrapping it Up in Sevilla

I spent the last weekend in Geneva eating cheese fondue, not knowing French and freezing to death. It was great! I planned the trip last minute, but it worked out anyway. I booked an Airbnb the morning I left and ended up with a great host, Kritte. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. In my three short days in Geneva, I saw a lot. I made it the UN headquarters (Palace des Nations), CERN (European Laboratory for Particle Physics … the abbreviation makes sense when you speak French), the Red Cross museum, the Patek Philippe Museum, the city of Chamonix, Mont Blanc and of course the iconic Jet d’Eau Fountain! Everything was great, and my biggest piece of advice to anyone planning a trip to Geneva or anywhere else is to PLAN! I wouldn’t have seen a fraction of what I did had I not carefully planned it out beforehand. Here’s the itinerary I created and 85% followed if you’d like to try it.

My only complaint about Geneva is the prices (and it was freezing, but I was prepared, so that was ok). I don’t think I’ve seen a city more expensive than Geneva in my entire life! NYC, London and Paris included. The only one that may come close is Monte Carlo. Here’s a comparison between Geneva and NYC in case you don’t believe me. The only thing more expensive in NYC is rent. Other than that, everything was great! Especially the food, particularly the cheese and chocolate. The food was something else. I already miss it!

Of course, after Geneva, I returned to Seville. As the plane descended upon the city, I was reminded of my short time left. Only a few more days to go! It’s a very strange feeling. The three months have flown by and the end is nearly here! As I wrote about in my last post, I know my way around and really feel like I’ve settled into Seville. I noticed a little something special that happened as I approached my home. When I got into the cab three months ago to enter Seville for the first time, I lacked to language skills to even ask the cabbie what a particular building was. On Sunday, as the cabbie drove me home, he and I nonchalantly had a conversation about the past weekend and the weather, and he gave me some travel advice, thinking I was just visiting Seville for the first time. I only thought about it later when I got home. I have Seville to thank for those language skills.

After I did arrive at home, I unpacked and dropped my Geneva souvenirs into the bag that I have accumulated in my closet. A magnet from Rome, pin from Portugal, a Fez from Morocco, and a dozen more items. I quietly considered just how much I have seen and done in the last three months and wondered to myself what more is left to come?


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Riley! I always enjoying reading your blogs posts and seeing your photos.

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