Just off the boat in Rabat
The Mountain Village
The ferry back with Lindsey
The ferry back to Spain
The guys and Christina at dinner
Kabab in Chefchaouen
Youssef and I
I bought a Fez about an hour from Fez, Morocco!
Moon over Chefchaouen at sundown from the Mosque on the hill
Chefchaouen at sundown from the Mosque on the hill
Chefchaouen at sundown from the Mosque on the hill
Me in Chefchaouen at sundown
Chefchaouen at sundown
Me and Youssef in Chefchaouen
Me and Youssef in Chefchaouen – Known as ‘The Blue City’.
Chefchaouen – notice the city wall
Friendly Village Cat
Lindsay, Andi, Joseph & Christina
View from the Village – Lindsay and I
View from the Village
View from the Village
View from the Village
Our handiwork – Chopping veggies for lunch in the rural village
Local girl wanted to take a picture with me! – I obliged.
Local kids wanted to take a picture with us! – I obliged. We taught them how to high five.
Local kids wanted to take a picture with us! – I obliged.
Host Family Accommodations for Zach and Me
More traditional Moroccan Food – The central dish is communal.
Market in Rabat
Beach in Rabat
Beach in Rabat
Beach in Rabat
Beach in Rabat
Moroccan Military and Police on the streets to keep the peace – The police are there with the soldiers, as the soldiers have no jurisdiction. They serve as the firepower.
Lindsey and I at the Mausoleum
The actual tomb – All the tile (on the walls) is hand cut.
Mausoleum of Mohammed V – A Roman Temple that was leveled in the 18th century Lisbon Earthquake – The supporting columns still stand
Entrance to Mausoleum of Mohammed V – Grandfather of the current king
Moroccan Flags
Roman Ruins
Me at Roman Ruins
Stork’s Nest in Roman Ruins
More Cats!
Roman Ruins
Entrance to some Roman Ruins
Traditional Moroccan Meal
There are many stray cats in Morocco. A testimony from Muhammad is loosely interpreted to him declaring that dogs are impure, and another loosely translates to that if you feed cats in this life, you will be fed in the next. As such there were many, many stray cats and they were all well fed and friendly. Arman even picked one up!
Riding Camels outside of Rabat
Riding Camels outside of Rabat
Riding Camels outside of Rabat
Ocean from Rabat
Place du 9 Avril 1947 –
Moroccan Square very famous in movies. Featured in Bond and Bourne movies many times over.
First lunch in Morocco
Ferry across the Straight
Ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar
Spain-Portugal Border
Praia Nova. I took this, but I have to give a Snapchat filter credit for the stars.
Lindsay and I at the Lookout
Bus station in Portugal
Our Airbnb living room (also my bedroom)
The Strip in Albufeira
Dinner on the Strip
View from the lookout/church
Lunch with a view!
Portuguese Lunch
Praia Nova – Rowing.
Praia Nova
Secret tunnel between beaches.
Praia Nova
Praia da Senhora da Rocha
The view from our Airbnb rooftop terrace.
A delicious Portuguese Breakfast thanks to chef Phoebe!
Some of the guys passed out outside the first night.
Portugal Fireworks
Swordfish in Portugal
Monument in Portugal
Me at the World’s Fair Museum.
My host sister’s new Gatita (kitten). She quite likes me!
Flamenco Performance.
Many of the Street Performers here are quite good. This couple even had a violin! I gave them a Euro.
View of Sevilla from the 92′ World’s Fair Tower.
Me in the World’s Fair Tower
Lindsey and I enjoying our first Spanish Cavas together!
My host sister’s 3 week old Gatita asleep in my hand.


Cathedral de Cadiz 2
Cathedral de Cadiz
Me at the beach in Cadiz!
Phoebe attempting to climb the wall.
Out for a the night with my fellow Americans!
Market Display of Fresh Fruit
Tortilla – a delicious potato cake!
Papas Fritas – French Fires, although generally a bit better!
Croquetas – delicious pffs of potato, cheese and generally some meat.
A display of Octopus in a market – the Spanish love their calamari.


Dinner with my new German friends.


This is the main road at Anfiteatro de Itálica – an ancient venue for gladiator events.
Anfiteatro de Itálica Amphitheater. Ancient Roman Amphitheater and site of gladiator battles. Also, a Game of Thrones Season 7 filming location. “The Dragon Pit.”
More of the Amphitheater.
Game of Thrones at Italica.
We spotted this guy at Italica. He’s Roman.
Cadiz clock tower
Cadiz clock tower
Cadiz Cathedral
Sevilla held the 92′ worlds expo and is very proud of it. There is a festival every year to celebrate. Here’s the America booth at the 25th anniversary. The french fries were no good.
La Plaza De Espana
We went on a great graffiti tour of Sevilla and even contributed to it at the end (see video)


Video of us Adding to the graffiti


This is the bridge from my neighborhood into the city center.
La Plaza De Espana
El Torre de Oro. “The Tower of Gold.” A historic Military watch tower right in Sevilla.
Me at Christopher Columbus’s Tomb in the third largest cathedral in the world… right here in Sevilla!
You did the churros into the hot chocolate. Big improvement on the American style.
For 7 Euros, you get an American Style all you can eat buffet.

Metrapol Parasol – Las Setas (The mushrooms). This was intended to be a parking lot, but upon excavation, they stumbled on Roman Ruins. Instead it became a landmark on top and museum bellow. The locals refer to it as Las Setas – The Mushrooms.
Me at Metrapol Parasol
Even the dogs get into Siesta mode around 3.
Puente de Isabel II
Puente de Triana
Bridge from right along the river. We went Saturday night and as we looked into the water, we could see thousands of fish, we think catfish swimming around on the surface. It’s very lively!
Me and some of the other guys from the program hanging out by the river.

One day, this page will be full of pictures from my year abroad and beyond. But for now, you’ll have to settle for my new home in Seville on Google Maps. Calle Evangelista número 26, casa 3, piso 3B 41010.


My Apartment in Seville

Adding to graffiti